Email Tester

Acquire Inbox Positioning Idea

Being actually shut out through at least just one major ISP can easily affect the whole email advertising campaign.

Through tracking distribution to all major ISPs, our company receive real-time where your advertising and marketing email winds up: Inbox, Spam, or even Updates. And our team save you money and time by assisting you track and also repair possible deliverability issues.

You may review a number of examinations delivered with different email companies to find which email company offers the most effective deliverability and also make use of that service provider for your most important email initiatives.

Examine Credibility And Reputation Just Before You Deliver

Are some of your IP handles or domain on any type of blacklists? If so, your email may certainly not reach the inbox in all. Our company examine your sending out IP against fifty+ of one of the most typical industry blacklists and also assist you detect as well as resolve deliverability issues for continual deliverability. Our worldwide blacklist protection includes Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS, Invaluement, and also various other blacklists.

You may setup a computerized method of inspecting your IPs against blacklists as well as look out via email when the IP got provided.

Run Automatic Exams

Examine your transactional or outreach enter a valid email addresss instantly often and be actually informed via email when your message starts coming to the Spam file at any one of the chosen mail box companies.

You can easily generate a number of email delivering profiles making use of different SMTP settings and run automated exams through different accounts to check each SMTP web server and also figure out deliverability problems when they occur.

Emails that do not meet the Inbox will not obtain read!

Determine Risky Material

G-Lock Apps checks your email for unsafe material that can rear a warning with an email provider as well as create the distinction in between the Inbox or spam/bulk directory shipment.

Gmail Tab Tracking

You can acquire visibility into shipping performance at Gmail. G-Lock Apps tracks whether your email is supplied to the Gmail’s Main, Social, or Promotions tabs.

Shipment Duration Tracking

Distribution duration tracking helps you find out if there is actually a concern with an ISP strangling as this could be unsafe for time delicate promotions or essential purchase emails.

Spam Score Evaluating

Our experts run your email information with popular spam filters like Google Spam Filter, Barracuda, SpamAssassin, as well as Mimecast and also return you a recorded reviews that often leads to a specific material issue.

Inbox Price Monitoring

G-Lock Applications tracks your Inbox, spam, as well as missed out on portions giving you the absolute most accurate and comprehensive relevant information around your Inbox positioning by initiative.

Authorization Testing

G-Lock Apps checks your email sender authentication each opportunity you send an email to our seed list. You’ll observe whether or not your notification is actually passing DKIM and SPF verification.